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For Investee Companies

Our value proposition towards investee companies is simple.

1) Branded capital
RHCP provides our investee companies with short to medium term capital to meet immediate needs and with a deep, trust-based relationship and the capacity to provide future rounds of capital if needed. Importantly, RHCP investments provide the added value of “branded capital”, in that firms in which RHCP makes an investment have successfully participated in our rigorous due diligence, investment and active ownership processes. Thus each firm that becomes a portfolio company of RHCP gains the visibility and credibility of the branded capital of RHCP.

2) Real business building assistance
We have a unique team with extensive experience driving value creation and positive change. We offer our investee companies the benefits of our team’s experience and insight in operating and guiding businesses in a broad spectrum of disciplines such as: business operations and management, organizational restructuring, corporate repositioning and mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.

3) Pace and momentum
Through our supervisory framework we bring a new standard of pace and momentum to our investee companies. Our orientation is to “be in a hurry” without being “frenetic” and bring this energy and enthusiasm to our portfolio organizations. Through experience gained with much larger organizations, we can help to unlock “logjam” management issues and to quickly work through indecision in order to drive a company forward. Importantly, we always seek to channel this energy through our investee management teams, who remain the most critical lever in execution and company performance.

4) Leading, large-enterprise tools and processes
RHCP provides guidance on tools and processes used in large organizations to manage profitability and growth. Some of these processes: construction of key performance indicators, board governance procedures, and tools for strategic decision making. We help our management teams emulate the leading processes of large successful organizations in order to find new performance horizons for their companies and for themselves as managers and leaders. 

5) Global networks of relationships
The experience of RHCP’s members provide it with a global network of relationships and partners. These relationships stem from our work with many world-class organizations and previous investments. 

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